Den Boer Business Transportation Solutions

    Specialized transport solutions

  • Car with driver, valet parking or fully customized transport

    Car with Driver & Driver Services

    Qualified Drivers CCV D1 & D2 Exclusive Vehicles Available

    Event Planning & Transport as Needed

    Premium Touring Cars and Vans Available

    Valet Parking

    Parking Service & Shuttle Service

    Shuttle Service

    Courier Service

    Courier & Express Transport

    Drivers :

    Experienced Senior Drivers
    Senior Professional Drivers


    Transport from A to B as desired

    With our personal attention and excellent service, you will be focused on your next appointment

    Den Boer B.T.S. is committed to excellent service and personal customer attention.
    We will, of course, transport you quickly and safely from A to B, but we are always ready to go one step further whenever needed.

    Our planners are dedicated to you and available to discuss your wishes and expectations by telephone, or if you prefer to meet face-to-face, for your first experiences with B.T.S. please come in to see where we can assist you and set up your profile.


    You will always receive your driver information via email or text message.


    Our drivers are happy to help you and will keep track of any potential issues.

    Our drivers will never start the journey unprepared.

    We have two types of driver services: the Experienced Driver who maneuvers through traffic and has road know-how (trained internally), and The Professional Driver with CCV, D1, D2 qualifications.