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    Car with Driver & Driver Services

    Qualified Drivers CCV D1 & D2 Exclusive Vehicles Available

    Event Planning & Transport as Needed

    Premium Touring Cars and Vans Available

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    Shuttle Service

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  • About Den Boer Business Transportation Solutions

    Professional Transport Solutions and Possibilities


    Den Boer B.T.S. Is a real specialist in all areas of mobility and transportation. We are therefore able to take care of every request from A to Z. Our flexible schedule makes it possible to provide everything from driver services, car driver, shuttle services, coach transport and even courier services. We gladly offer our expertise and network to you to ensure the optimal transport solution for you and your company each and every time.

    How can we help you?

    In a world in which life seems to be more and more busy and we are always on the move, well-organized mobility becomes increasingly important. We at Den Boer B.T.S. understand this better than others - and in a time-poor society, we make it our mission to deliver on time on every occasion. We offer excellent solutions for all your needs no matter how detailed.

  • Contact us for a customized solution

    DenBoer B.T.S. Striving to serve you Best


    Because we evaluate each transport request individually, we would like to give you tailor-made advice. The rate will be determined by your specific wishes. We are happy to assist you and are fully transparent in our costs. If you would like to know more about the rates we use, please contact us by email, phone or contact form. We offer competitive prices for a very high quality service..

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    085 1050 334 of 06 539 577 69
  • What kind off driver service can we help you with?

    Below you will find the most important services we offer. Are you looking for another form of transportation?

    Feel free to contact us.

    Car with Driver & Driver Services

    Representative Drivers CCV D1 & D2 Exclusive Vehicles

    Driving with a driver allows you to focus your attention and time differently. Professionals of Den Boer B.T.S. are well trained, well prepared for every journey and understand what you expect of them in order to provide traveling at its best. With a driver you can use your own car or any of our cars in our luxury fleet. We are happy to assist you in making the right choice.

    Event planning & customized transport solutions

    Touring Cars and Exclusive Vans Available

    Den Boer B.T.S. has 12 years of experience in organizing driver services. Customization and special events with us are in good hands. The discussed options are pre-calculated so you will never be surprised. There are several exclusive vans and touring cars available -everything to make you and your guests happy.

    Valet Parking

    Parking Service & Shuttle Service

    When you or your guests arrive by car at your destination, whether it be a restaurant, office or event location, Den Boer B.T.S. Valet Parking takes care of your every need. When it is time to go our Valet Parking staff will ensure that the car is ready for departure without delay.
    The Valet Parking Services of Den Boer B.T.S are a great solution for locations with parking challenges. Experience has taught us that this service leaves an indelible impression on those who use it.

    Shuttle Service

    Shuttle Service

    Den Boer B.T.S. provides shuttle services for a variety of needs - for expample, daily runs between the office or a transportation hub, to parking lots or to other branches of the company. Depending on your wishes, the vans can be branded or even completely wrapped with company logos or relevant advertising. The inside of the buses can be also be customized to your requirements with every detail addressed.

    Courier Service

    Courier & Express Transport

    Den Boer B.T.S. has its own courier service which makes it possible to book parcel service or document transport. If you want to be sure that a package or document is delivered safely, or that your documents are signed and delivered on time, we would like to recommend this service.
    Every day we have a regular route through the Netherlands.

    Drivers Service Extra

    Experienced Drivers (Senior professional drivers)

    As part of Den Boer B.T.S. Driver Services make our Senior Drivers a very attractive alternative for injury rides *, long-distance taxi transport or the professional driver. This also means that our drivers are also happy to spend the wait-time by taking extra duties: from washing or refueling the car to picking up dry cleaning.
    Our drivers are very experienced and happy to arrange this kind of business for you.
    (* Injury rides are also available. We can provide temporary transport staff for those unable to travel independently due to their injury but who still need to get to work).

  • Planning Solutions

    Thanks to Calendar 42's planning software, we have the capability to create an overview of your scheduled transport arrangements. Customers always communicate directly with Den Boer B.T.S. or their driver by telephone or email. For regular users of Den Boer B.T.S. there is a personal app which operates on your smartphone. User-friendly and handy you can adjust your departure time or destinate at a moment's notice.